App design for Cabinet

App ux/ui design.

This app design is for Cabinet, a
pocket bookkeeper and tracker for all
your federal and provincial tax credits.

Kai's Window Cleaning


Created at Vantage Studio. The logo creates an illustration of the window cleaner. The line width is the same throughout the logo as if it were made
by a squeegee.

W6 Annual Report


This Report is a thirty-two page,
perfect bound book.

Osborne Village Ink


This hypothetical rebrand is made
for a tattoo shop located in the
heart of Winnipeg. The type and
colour represent the industrial
part of the industry.


Branding/group venture

With help from my fellow students
Breazy was born. Breazy is a scheduling app for students. The type, colour,
and illustrations were all designed to provide a fun and stress free experience.

Real Love Summer Fest


This hypothetical campaign is for Real love Summer Festival. The design was focused around the friendly and warm environment of the festival. From the illustration there is a sense of the
type of music that is played there.

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Aurora Nguyen-McNab

Graphic Designer

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